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Pieces Available for Sale

Shipping and Insurance will be charged separately. Once your order has been processed we will contact you to discuss affordable shipping options.

Midnight Blue

In this you will see a pixie fairy that has picked herself a pond lily and saddled up this big frog.
All these pieces are independent from each other, but together they stretch the imagination just a little and invite you to daydream for a moment. 


Maybe you will see a few of the big dragonflies that are out as you scurry around the yard doing those last minute fall things that you put off all summer. 
I have seen some big dragonflies lately, not as big as this one but it is always nice to see them. I put some different colors in the wings just for a bit of depth. This will hang around and look good just about anywhere.

Ocean Life

A Beautiful Sea Turtle swims with fish, starfish and sea weed stacks




Sun Face




Big Yellow Flower with Dragonfly


Bass Laying in Wait on a 2ft Lily Pad Base


Standing Sunflower 77inches tall


Dragon Fly Totem 

Dragonfly on Lily Pad

Corner Planter with a posable nose and vines


Sunbrella Seahorse


Flowering Ferris Wheel, all the parts work

Sun Flower with a posable vine wall hanging


Observation Deck


Spiderweb Treehouse



DragonFly with CatonineTails

Fish Out of Water Aquarium


Flower Explosion


Hanging Lotus, it has 1 foot leaves, and will require a 4foot radius of space to sit or hang from.

Asiatic Lily


Sun Powers

Glimmering Sunflowers


Pontoon Boat with Movable parts


Flowering Bird Bath


5ft Barracuda


Old Salt with tea light candle potpourri burner


Maine Ties, 18" tall, 13" wide, 10" deep


Cat O Nine Tails with Hovering Dragonfly 


Hanging  Dragonfly


Flower Farmer


Salvaged Sun


Wall Hanging with Sun and Clouds and Plant Pot


Hanging Flower with Stem, This is a 5ft flower, you will need that diameter to hang this in. The stem is 5ft tall and comes with 2 leaves. So it is 10ft tall when assembled. You may add more leaves to make it custom.  


Stitched Butterfly


Double Hollyhocks and Sunflowers, 77" tall, 26"wide, 35"deep


#2 Lotus & Waterlily Wall Hanging, 27" long, 19" top to bottom and an 8" flower


The Chase, 39" tall, 27" left to right, and 22" front to back, with two hiding fish.


Fish in Seaweed - this is a 3D wall hanging with a twist. 34" tall, 17" wide, 10" deep. I will be adding more elements so you can add on to your scene and make it custom.


Hammered Butterfly


Shadow Heart Sunflower, It is 27" tall with a one foot heart base. It is a sunflower that creates heart shadows in the sun.


Sunrise Wall Flower, 30" across


#2 Hanging Wall Planter, 20" tall, 11" wide, 4.5" front to back with posable nose and eyes


Forgotten Mail, 2ft x 2ft, 3ft tall




Clown Fish


Clown Fish


Tang Fish on Scallop Shell


Tang Fish on Scallop Shell


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