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About the Artist Roger Casey

"My name is Roger Casey, I live in mid coast Maine. I was born and raised here. All my life I have been exposed to art and have always had a great ability to work with my hands. I can’t remember a time that I couldn't draw. As time moves forward in my life, I find myself experimenting and working with tools I never thought about before.

In experimentation, I found that I have a love for copper; 16 ounce copper is common for this area in Maine, so I use this as my choice medium. My tools are a small anvil and hammers. I cut pieces of copper into shapes that suit me for the pictures I see in my mind. Once I have the pieces where I feel they should be, I shape them with my hammer and anvil. This takes some time and a love for exactness that only I see in my heart. With all this in mind and many hammer strikes later, I come to know another creation, an extension of my heart and mind now has come to life in my very own hands, and from this a love grows more powerful inside moving me ever forward to see where this love for sculpture takes me.
Through trial and error I have learned that I can add color to my sculptures using only heat. The color makes the piece come to life in ways that vary from piece to piece. As each piece is made by hand, they are truly unique and one of a kind. I let the pieces talk to my heart as I color them, I find that they become more vibrant and come to have there own feeling of life in some way that never stops moving me."… Roger Casey

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